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Is this complex based on my income?

How much is the rent?
It is based on your income as compared to the areas median household income. Each complexes rent varies

If so what are the income guidelines?
It depends on what county you are in and how many people are in your household

What type of income do you count?

We count all income to include Wages, Child Support, TANF, Unemployment, Retirement, Social Security, etc. This list is not all inclusive however the Site Manager can go into more detail.

How do I apply? Can I apply on line? By fax? Or by mail?

You can apply in person at the Complex of your choice. Each complex will require a separate application and application fee. The application fee is due at the time that you fill out the application. The fee for each application is $30.00 per household member over the age of 18 and must be submitted in the form of a money order only. You cannot apply online or by fax at this time. We will only accept applications by mail if the application is notarized.

What do you look at on my credit & criminal check? Why cant I give you a credit and criminal background I pulled myself? Can I have a copy of my credit check?

Please see the rental application for these answers

How long is your waiting list?

This varies by complex however we are always accepting applications.

How long is my application good for?

Applications are kept active for 120 days

If my application is turned down can I re-apply?

Yes you can reapply if factors have changed that prevented you from being approved before. All application fees must be paid again.

Do I have to have income?

Yes. We do require a minimum income that you must make and it varies per property. If you have any type of voucher that we accept the minimum income may be waived.

What are your office hours?

Office hours vary. Please see individual complex for details.

How long is your lease for?

One Year

Are you a subsidized complex? Example project base section 8?

We have different types of complexes. Most of our portfolio consist of Tax Credit properties where you cannot go over the 60% of the Area Median Income. However, we do have several properties that have units that are strictly based on income. You will have to contact the properties to see if there is a current waiting list for those units.

How many bedrooms do you have? What is the square footage?

Varies by complex

Do you have washer dryer hook ups, or do you have a laundry area?

Yes, all apartments have washer/dryer hook ups except the 55 and older properties which have free laundry areas

Do you have handicap accessible apartments?

Most of our properties have handicap accessible units however some of our older properties do not. You would need to contact the specific properties to get this information.

Can I see an apartment?

Yes. This would be based on availability of vacant units at the properties and can be scheduled with the Site manager.

Can I pick the apartment that I want?

No, Since we work from a waiting list the apartments are assigned as the become available.